evening pleasures tonight - tämän illan iloja

Good books, Bleak House by Dickens and The Creative Family by SouleMama. I'm loving both, but Dickens especially. How come I've never read any of his works before? I will, for sure.

Good bisquits and tea.

The pleasant feeling of accomplishment after putting Christmas ornaments back into their boxes. The Christmas tree candleholders still need to be cleaned, though.

Hyvät kirjat, Dickensin Kolea talo Kersti Juvan hienona suomennoksena ja SouleMaman The Creative Family. Tykkään molemmista, mutta Dickensistä aivan erityisesti. Miten ihmeessä en ole aikaisemmin lukenut yhtäkään hänen kirjoistaan? Parannan tapani.

Hyvät keksit ja teetä.

Miellyttävän aikaansaapa olotila, kun sain joulukoristeet viimein pakattua takaisin laatikoihinsa. Kuusen kynttilöiden pidikkeet ajattelin kyllä vielä puhdistaa pahimmista steariiniroiskeista.


Lin said...

I am reading the Creative Family too! I hope you're enjoying it.

belly said...

I love Charles Dickens too! He's a great author!

I wish you a happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Bleak House was dramatized on BBC TV... I kept meaning to watch it, but managed to miss every single episode. Oh well, I'll just have to read the book!!

anu said...

Kivat iltalukemiset itsellä mennyt ilta lukemiset vain kauniiden kuvien katsomiseksi!;)Ehkä pitäisi koittaa muutakin!

Iloista viikkoa sinulle!

Barbara said...

Dear Maria,
I wish to you and to your family all the best for this 2009!
I like very much Dickens...


Erna said...

lovely blog you have!!

Maria said...

Lin, I really like the book. The projects described in it are fun and not too complicated - I can imagine trying some of them with O. when he's a bit older. The thing I like most about the book, though, is the warm, family-loving spirit that shines through Soulemama's writing. It's inspiring!

Belly, happy new year to you, too! I'm quite embarrassed I've never read Dickens, he's such a classic...

Jane, I saw a couple of episodes of BBC's Bleak House and loved it so much I had to buy the DVD. And then I wanted to read the book, too :).

Anu, minullakin on nykyään yleensä iltalukemisina vaan vauva- ja sisustuslehdet :)! En ole oikein jaksanut keskittyä kirjoihin vaikka ennen olin himolukija.

Barbara, thank you for your kind words and same to you: a very happy new year to you and yours!

Erna, thank you for your kind comment, it makes me glad! How nice that you visited here! Just some days ago I took a peek at your inspiring blog :).

CogdillDJ said...

Hello, I've skipped over from Townmouse http://townmouse.typepad.com/townmouse/2009/01/too-funny.html#comments
She had your blog on her list; so I thought I would check your blog out.
Sounds like your little one keeps you pretty busy. Only natural! I had 4 little ones... all grown now. But one thing that I did was take one day, all day I did nothing extra (at least for the house... housework etc...) and besides making sure the kids were fed and diapers changed... I would do nothing but sew or craft. For that matter, sometimes I just read a book! That way I got to do something that "I" wanted to do. Sometimes, we need to feed our souls too!
Take care. Jean